Harjumaa in brief
Harjumaa is an active village 21 kilometres from Mikkeli towards the city of Jyväskylä. There are about 450 inhabitants in Harjumaa. It is only a 20 minutes drive to the nearest town, Mikkeli: many people work in Mikkeli and live in Harjumaa. There are a lot of forests, lakes and farms in Harjumaa area. At summertime population rises because of summer cottages - and summer inhabitants.

In Harjumaa there is a primary school with 3 teachers and 38 children. You can also find a small shop with a post office. In the village there are many organisations offering all kinds of activities. There is a delightful ski and running track in Harjumaa. At wintertime pepole can use the school's ice-hockey rink . In Pesäjärvi you can go for a swim, there is a nice beach.

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